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Trickster: A Study in American Indian Mythology (Revised) Read this in college many years ago and wanted to read it again. The Myth Of The Trickster Ambiguous Creator And Destroyer, Cheater And Cheated, Subhuman And Superhuman Is One Of The Earliest And Most Universal Expressions Of Mankind Nowhere Does It Survive In Starkly Archaic Form Than In The Voraciously Uninhibited Episodes Of The Winnebago Trickster Cycle, Recorded Here Is Full Anthropological And Psychological Analyses By Radin, Ker Nyi, And Jung Reveal With Trickster As Filling A Twofold Role On The One Hand He Is An Archetypal Psychic Structure That Harks Back To An Absolutely Undifferentiated Human Consciousness, Corresponding To A Psyche That Has Hardly Left The Animal Level Jung On The Other Hand, His Myth Is A Present Day Outlet For The Most Unashamed And Liberating Satire Of The Onerous Obligation Of Social Order, Religion, And Ritual With Commentaries By Karl Ker Nyi And C G JungIntroduction By Stanley Diamond Good book, but not sure I understand everything I read I guess that s the way the trickster intended it. This book is full of wonderful Indian Winnebago stories It leurns you that everything is many sided If you make a decision, try to look on the other side of it Sometimes doing nothing is important than always playing ball. I had to purchase this for class but decided to keep it after the class was complete It is a fun story to read if you are interested in Native American culture Myth. I really enjoyed this book, which is actually recommended by Donald Westlake in one of his early trickster books I can t remember which one, but if you are interested in tricksters you should go ahead and read everything by Westlake, starting with Smoke and the entire Dortmunder series This Paul Radin book shows the classic tricksters and I ve used it to tell stories to children. Some of the stories in here are quite loopy, but strangely entertaining Not to mention you get a douse of the kind of myths and stories they shared at this time amongst their tribes and nations I needed this for my Native American Cultures class, and it came in handy greatly Fascinating read and great stories.

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