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Trigonometry This College Level Trigonometry Text May Be Different Than Most Other Trigonometry Textbooks In This Book, The Reader Is Expected To Do Than Read The Book But Is Expected To Study The Material In The Book By Working Out Examples Rather Than Just Reading About Them So The Book Is Not Just About Mathematical Content Although It Does Contain Important Topics In Trigonometry Needed For Further Study In Mathematics , But It Is Also About The Process Of Learning And Doing Mathematics And Is Designed Not To Be Just Casually Read But Rather To Be Engaged Recognizing That Actively Studying A Mathematics Book Is Often Not Easy, Several Features Of The Textbook Have Been Designed To Help Students Become Engaged As They Study The Material Some Of The Features Are Beginning Activities In Each Section That Engage Students With The Material To Be Introduced, Focus Questions That Help Students Stay Focused On What Is Important In The Section, Progress Checks That Are Short Exercises Or Activities That Replace The Standard Examples In Most Textbooks, A Section Summary, And Appendices With Answers For The Progress Checks And Selected Exercises

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  1. Viscusi Viscusi says:

    My Trigonometry teacher wanted us to use this book for the class We were all on board considering its a free book The I dive into this book the I regret her using this book The book is filled with grammatical errors, It s hard to understand at times The back of the book only has answers to one or two questions fro

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