Audiobooks Twenty Short Pieces for Piano (Sports Et Divertissements) (Dover Music for Piano) –

Twenty Short Pieces for Piano (Sports Et Divertissements) (Dover Music for Piano) Composer Erik Satie Exercised A Profound Effect On Twentieth Century Music His Innovative Harmonies, Freedom Of Form, And Mastery Of Musical Understatement Influenced A Diverse Company Of Modern Masters, Ranging From Debussy And Ravel To Milhaud, Poulenc, And Cage This Is A Facsimile Of An Extremely Rare Collection Of The French Master S Brilliant Thumbnail Sketches Both Musical And Verbal Of Various Outdoor Sports And AmusementsSatie Created These Pieces To Accompany An Album Of Charming, Sophisticated Drawings By Charles Martin, A Well Known Illustrator Of The Day The Composer Also Added Droll Verbal Commentaries And Inscribed Both Words And Music In An Exquisite Calligraphic Hand Published In The S In A Limited Edition, The Album Is Very Scarce Today This Modestly Priced Edition Of A Rare Treasure Features Black And White Illustrations And English Translations Of Satie S Eccentric Verbal Notations First, the music is presented in a handwritten format which is fine, except that the book is tiny children s picture book sized which makes the notation extremely difficult to read The artwork is nice, but huge and overpowers the page Apparently this is a look at me book, not a play me book which for my purposes isn t useful If you want something pretty to put on your coffee table although even in that respect it fails since it looks like a cheap children s picture book go for it If you want something practical to read and play, skip this. I have read through other versions that have larger print, pictures, and better binding A pianist cannot be expected to read such small notes Bad job Dover.Find a bigger size and order this set though because it s awesome I purchased this as a gift for a middle schooler taking piano lessons Satie s hand written scores display his signature whimsical humor and the illustrations place the work in period context Evey pianist should own this, especially youg ones.

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