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Ukulele Exercises For Dummies Take Your Ukulele Playing To The Next Level Fast With Hundreds Of Fun Exercises, Drills And Practice Tunes You Have A Ukulele, You Know Just Enough To Be Dangerous, And Now You Re Ready To Do Something With It You Re In Luck Ukulele Exercises For Dummies Helps You Become A Better Player This Practice Based Book Focuses On The Skills That Entry Level Players Often Find Challenging And Provides Tips, Tricks And Plenty Of Cool Exercises That Will Have You Creating Music In No Time That Include Creating Rock Steady Strumming Patterns And Rhythms Becoming A Better Fingerpicker With Patterns, Arpeggio Exercises, And Solo Fingerpicking Pieces Expanding Your Fretboard Knowledge And Crafting Your Own Rock, Blues And Jazz Riffs And Solos Playing Actual Songs On The Ukulele Everything From The Classic Ukulele Tunes To The Bar Blues Downloadable Audio Files Of The Exercises Found In The Book, Providing You With A Self Contained Practice Package No Matter If You Re A Beginning Ukulele Player Or You Re Wanting To Stretch And Improve Your Chops, Ukulele Exercises For Dummies Puts You On Your Way To Becoming A Ukulele Extraordinaire

5 thoughts on “Ukulele Exercises For Dummies

  1. Alicia Alicia says:

    I am a total newbie to stringed instruments and it s been decades since I took piano as a kid Though I m taking weekly lessons at my local Folk School, I decided to buy this book, Ukelele Exercises for Dummies, because I remembered all those finger exercises I was forced to do by my piano teacher We don t realized why we are made to do something until we grow up Because of those piano exercises, I ended up with really great fine motor movement coordination I

  2. fancypants fancypants says:

    They should really try to differentiate the two Ukulele for Dummies book, because this one is really good for people who are beyond basic beginner It s full of exercises for fingerpicking, strumming, chord changes, playing scales up and down the neck, and it has a lot of useful tips The included practice songs for playing arpeggios are a good challenge and attainable after some ongoing practice I find this book to be extremely useful Most people don t know about t

  3. Sam Sam says:

    Ok this really IS a GREAT dummies book I have bought a few dummies books and they are ok, but this one is hot it is about an inch thick, and the pages are thin paper so there are a lot of pages, the printing is pretty small can be a draw back especially with the riffs so small they are hard to read but definitely not a deal breaker There is SO much information in here, and it is very good information and explained in a way that is understandable There are pictures for m

  4. Doug in AZ Doug in AZ says:

    Takes you from basics to all the things that makes the UKE fun Chords, Strumming patterns, finger picking, how to get better I own just about every Uke book out there This one is so knowledge dense that I could probably get rid of half my library If you get this book and do the exercises, you will gain the chops and the confidence I wish I had found this one first Would have cut massive amounts of time in my progression Truly a MUST HAVE If you are giving someone a uke, as yo

  5. Paddy Paddy says:

    This was my first ukulele lesson book although I have a big head start having played guitar It helped me get into things very quickly, but the exercises also provide me a lot of depth and variation From an instructional standpoint, it s much better than the Ukulele for Dummies book in this series.

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