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Ultimate Shred Machine: Shred Guitar: The ultimate guide to picking, tapping and sweeping (Play Rock Guitar) (English Edition) The ultimate guide to mastering shred guitar technique with Chris ZoupaForget vanilla safe space guides and make way for the Ultimate Shred Machine the ultimate guide to shred guitar picking, tapping and sweeping In this no nonsense guide to shred guitar, seasoned teacher and YouTube sensation Chris Zoupa cuts through the mystery and misinformation that shrouds guitar technique, and expertly guides you through the essential skills thatll super charge your rock guitar playingDrawing from a rich tapestry of shred guitar techniques, and the styles of the players who have made them famous, Ultimate Shred Machine is a solid foundation of virtuoso guitar technique and picks up where other guitar methods stopWhat youll learn How to play flawless shred guitar, taught in an easy to follow mannerThe secrets of fast alternate picking guitar techniqueHow to sweep pick arpeggios the right way and avoid common mistakesLegato guitar technique in the styles of Satriani, Govan and GilbertExotic scale runs in the styles of Malmsteen, Skolnick and LaihoNeo classical metal guitar exercises and licksSimple to advanced guitar tapping techniquesOverexercises and guitar licks with FREE supporting audio to downloadGreat tips on guitar tone and the use of distortionBonusLearn how to practise with a metronome the right way Master hand synchronicity, and optimise your picking techniqueBonusDiscover how to spice up your guitar playing with blue notes, exotic scales, modes and arpeggiosShred Guitar Like a Boss Have you hit a brick wall when it comes to increasing your speed on guitar Do you struggle with advanced shredding techniques such as sweep picking and tapping Would you like to learn the shred guitar secrets that will help you break out of your rut After the th student asked him, How do I play faster , Chris Zoupa decided to write the definite guide to shred guitar This book lays a solid foundation of correct guitar technique and goes way beyond Discover Speed picking, tapping, legato and sweep pickingThe right way to practise with a metronome to increase your picking speed on guitarHow to break down and master scary rhythms and time signaturesHow to avoid the common sweep picking mistakes all guitarists makeHow and when to use economy pickingOverExercises to help you nail perfect guitar technique whilst learning melodic linesSpicing up boring pentatonic licks with the addition of blue notes and creating hybrid scalesHow to apply exotic guitar scales, modes and arpeggiosHeres What You Get In depth chapters dedicated to Shredding tips, tricks and licksThe secrets of smooth legato playingTapping on single and multiple stringsSweep picking arpeggios, tips and exercisesPlus, notation and tab for every example with studio quality audio to download FREEHear it Ultimate Shred Machine contains overexercises and supporting audio examples so you can hear exactly how each lick should soundScroll up to buyit now and start your journey to shred guitar mastery

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  • Ultimate Shred Machine: Shred Guitar: The ultimate guide to picking, tapping and sweeping (Play Rock Guitar) (English Edition)
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  • 02 June 2017

About the Author: Joseph Alexander

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ultimate Shred Machine: Shred Guitar: The ultimate guide to picking, tapping and sweeping (Play Rock Guitar) (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Joseph Alexander author readers around the world.

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    My guitar skills have improved after only a few days of using this book I was getting burnt out playing scales and Chromatics to try and build up my speed The exercises in this book are really fun to play so I keep going back to them and I m not finding it boring Audio files that go with the book are great aswell and easily downloadable and playable on my iPhone which is perfect as I don t use a computer Highly recommend

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    Awsome as always from this master love all the books

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    Brilliant fun book Love the way it s written, almost as if Chris is right next to you.

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    Nice applicable exercises Nicely laid out with something for all skill levels.

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    This book has already helped my playing immensely It keeps you entertained without harping on over too much stuff you already know I m looking at you Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar This book is just practical exercises and tips that will get you where you want to be The context of each technique and exercise is explained, as well as the corresponding scale and mode in many cases I will admit I haven t played all the exercises, but I ve looked at every page and have seen the use in all of them If something seems boring, Chris will say Yeah, this seems boring, but it s useful because.I honestly believe that with another year of practicing these exercises I will have improved my technique ten fold I have been playing for 15 years and I ve never been closer to my goals than before this book Get it, spend some proper time with it and watch your playing progress An hour a day with your metronome and this book will amaze you in a month no jokes I m still on the picking section and loving it.Chris takes a humorous approach to his teaching Whilst his jokes are definitely endearingly lame at times, they will keep you entertained certainly enough to keep you reading If you ve tried other books and got bored, you need to pick this one up it really is a cut above.All that being said, were sh te and sent my book in one of their crappy cardboard envelopes My copy arrived with a dented spine Thank you Chris for an amazing book, and thank you for nothing at all Buy it directly from the publisher is my recommendation.

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    Endlich ein Buch mit guten Beispielen zum Thema Shredden Es ist zwar nicht ganz leicht und vor allem sind die Licks schon teilweise recht schnell, aber bung macht den Meister Vielen Dank f r dieses wundervolle Buch

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    This amazing book have tons of useful guitar licks and suggestion by the author for improving any skills on your instrument Very appreciated and very interesting High recommended

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    The exercises are great, awesome book.However I m only giving 2 stars because the embarrassing moronic failed attempt at humour, and childish joking.If you are not a comedian don t try and be one

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    I ve been playing slow hand all my life and I ve come to the point of wanting something The exercises in this book have greatly improved my speed and precision Each chapter offers a new challenge and it s building my confidence and enjoyment as a player.

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    Ultimate shred Machine is a well structured book It takes from easy digestive exercises to musically licks to include in your playing style Highly recommended.

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    Great book His YouTube lessons are great but the book really dives into the technique that makes playing do fast possible The examples can even be challenging for all levels of players just by adjusting the bpm It s an entertaining read as well I would definitely recommend

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    Well written book, with good explanations

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