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Ultimate Survival Guide for Kids Straightforward Advice On What To Do Under Threat Of A Dangerous Situation The First Three Chapters In This Book Animal Dangers, Natural Dangers, And Human Hazards Describe What To Do In A Total Of Specific Emergencies The Fourth Chapter, Basic Survival Skills, Has Important Tips On Emergency Preparedness And Survival Skills Each Crisis Is Summarized On A Double Page Spread With What To Do Checklists, Fast Facts , Life Savers , Did You Know , And If You Sidebars, And Margin Notes The Book S Eye Catching Design Features Brilliant Full Bleed Colour And Dynamic Action Photographs The Life Threatening Scenarios Include Animal Dangers What To Do If You Are Bitten By A Snake How To Escape From A Bear What To Do If You Are Chased By Bees Natural Dangers How To Survive A Hurricane How To Avoid Being Struck By Lightning What To Do If You Are Caught In A Flood Human Hazards How To Escape From Water In A Car How To Escape From A Burning Building How To Avoid Being Crushed In A Crowd The Survival Skills Include Planning A Trip Using A Penknife Finding Food Making A Shelter Making A Fire Tying Knots Children Like To Feel In Control Knowing What To Do In The Case Of An Emergency Increases The Chance Of Survival And It Also Reduces Fear Even If Readers Never Venture Beyond The Front Door, They Will Enjoy Ultimate Survival Guide For Kids Great book my son loves it and takes it everywhere My 5 year old granson really likes the pictures and enjoys having it read to him.It is similar to the Boys Life series called Scouts in Action except instead of a tale it is focused on info about dangerous even deadly things that occur in mostly in nature Useful starter info to prepare a youngster for what can happen and what to do or not do It is slightly graphic which is good.But it doesnt really go into gruesome detail Which is also good for little ones.If your intended child is timid or fearful this might actually provide info to help them feel equipped to go into the scary outdoors Alternately if your intended child is one of the newer model kids, very timid afraid of everything and can t cope, or needs meds to go outside the house, then this could be conceivably be to much info It does after all feature predator animal attacks, natural disaster,The sort of stuff that really interests a curious adventurous tike.Cool graphics and interesting factoids each topic is covered on 2 pages so it is a overview.I would estimate that it is aimed towards the Weblo and Cub Scout age group,Of course that could vary, with the kid. We have bought 3 4 survival books and this one is incredible for kids 8 12 years old Pictures pages are very colorful and nicely done Each topic is about two pages not super in depth but all the important you need to know is there Highly recommend My 8 year old loves it Would be a great gift

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