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6 thoughts on “Understanding Variation: the Key to Managing Chaos

  1. jesus sanchez jesus sanchez says:

    Una forma de explicar y entender el analisis de datos de forma diferente a como lo hacen la mayoria de libros.

  2. BabyGyrlK BabyGyrlK says:

    This book is well written with great graphics tables and charts that illustrate main ideas and examples It is moderate to difficult subject matter covered in such a way that makes for an easy read with necessary information to know for all decision making professionals within an organization The author provides real life examples where companies have analyzed data, completely missing or misinterpre

  3. Submariner Submariner says:

    Well written Easy to follow Great summary of rule sets and methodology provided for you if don t want to read every word although, I encourage you to do so I firmly believe that everyone in manufacturing should read this book If you think you know how to interpret a control chart, you may find that your understanding was limited once you read this book It gave me a huge advantage over my peers and helped me

  4. William C. Zeeb William C. Zeeb says:

    Don Wheeler, former colleague of W Edwards Deming, explains how VERY SIMPLE statistics can transform any business process.As a young boy in Tennessee, I sometimes uncovered white lightning moonshine whiskey hidden in forests MIght his East Tennessee roots give Wheeler his rare sense of humor and fascination with how data and KPI s can be used to cheat This book is very rich in actual examples of data being used to m

  5. Joe Joe says:

    Donald J Wheeler s book is an excellent refresher for quality professionals But, importantly, is an effective and easily understood primer for managers of other functions no previous statistical knowledge is required by the reader The book demonstrates that control charts can be used to understand the outputs of a wide variety of processes Wheeler provides a concise explanation of control charts He focuses on charts for ind

  6. Keith Sparkjoy Keith Sparkjoy says:

    After reading this book only took a couple of evenings I feel like Keanu Reaves in The Matrix.I ve been studying Dr Deming s system of profound knowledge, and the bit about understanding variation has been on my TODO list This book nailed it with a crystal clear introduction to Statistical Process Control SPC , which Dr Deming promoted based on his learnings from statistician Walter Shewhart when they worked together at Bell Labs As

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