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Vanquish (Deliver) Her Life Is Like A Prison CellA Self Made, To Hell With The Free World Existence That Locks From The InsideStop Judging Her Agoraphobia Doesn T Define Her It Simply Keeps Her SafeHe Belongs In A Prison CellThe X, Make Me Your B Tch Variety That Locks From The OutsideBut He S Free To Hunt To Take To BreakAnd He Just Found A Sexy New ToyCapturing Her Is The Easy Part Her F Cked Up Mind, However, Makes Him Question Everything He Does NextBut He S A Determined Bastard If All Goes His Way, This Will Hurt Like Hell I just read Deliver and loved it and hurriedly read Vanquish My opinion is not in the majority per the reviews however I didn t like this story that much and put it in the OK category Pam Godwin writes about very taboo and dark subjects and has the ability to make you believe in the romance between her very damaged characters This is where I feel Vanquish went wrong Van meets up with Amber as he is stalking his previous girlfriend Liv from Deliver Van is desperately trying to find a way back into his daughters life and knows Liv is the key to that Also, he s still quite obsessed with her and can t let go Amber is also damaged agoraphobic, OCD, bulimic just to name a few Van is attracted to her because of her damange and insecurities and decides that she would make the perfect slave mainly because she won t run away because of her fear of the outside.When authors write about dark subjects like abduction they also need the reader to take a leap with them that a relationship is possible between the captor and captive That worked really well in Deliver but not in Vanquish It is too big of a leap for me to go from abduction and rape to attraction and love in such a short period of time Van did all his dirty little tricks of punishment and humiliation but I couldn t see his softer side to make the attraction believable.I really wished I liked it but I m still a big fan of the author. I was BLOWN away by this masterpiece.This is the second book in this series after Deliever I guess it could be read as a standalone, but I wouldn t recommend it You get way out of it if you meet Van in his natural habitat first.After Liv and Joshua escaped the slave trade and killed Mr E, their boss and Van s father, they left Van thinking he d died Obviously he didn t but he has spent the last year doing what he does best, stalking Liv and Joshua trying to find out what connections they have and if he can find a opening to see the one thing Liv has that he doesn t Their daughter Livana.On a stake out of their house, Van starts to use the abandoned house next door But things aren t as they seem because the house isn t abandoned, just shut up tight because Amber is agoraphobic and hasn t left the house in two years She used the delivery man to get things from her house to the mailbox and also to relieve a little sexual tension When she sees Van on her front porch, things get a little crazy.You See Van is not normal He had a terrible childhood and when his slave owning dad needed cover, he brought his son back to work as the face of his salve ring Now even though that part of his life is over, Van still has tendencies toward terrible behavior and he decides that the way to get his daughter back is to have a character reference In his twisted mind, if he can get Amber fixed she can tell Liv just how much he s changed The only problem though is that to get he out of her house, he has to kidnap her Thus begins the tug and pull of crazy behavior and brittle hearts.Pam Godwin is a flipping genius She s able to take these dark, gritty and clearly damaged characters and create light and love from all this broken pieces Starting this book and knowing Van, I had hope for redemption but didn t see how it was possible But by the end I had a silly grin on my face and was aweing over Van and his beautiful transformation.Then there s Amber Her tale was just as tragic but in a completely different way She had not just one life changing mental illness but at least three Watching her go through her transformation was not easy Not just because I felt a soul deep crushing pain for her but because of Van s less than traditional means of pulling her out of her head.There sexual tension was off the charts Even as I cringed at some parts, I was still looking for the closest fan Through the whole book I wished for their peace and hoped they d find it in each other.I was completely blown away once again with Pam s stellar writing, fabulous character building and her ability to create light out of the darkest recesses humans had to offer She is the queen of the dark read and I can t wait for. This series deals with dark as in pitch black subject matter This second book details the attempted redemption of Van from the first book In the first book he was unforgivable Selfish Cruel He did incredible damage to Liv as well as over half a dozen others Without remorse Right at the end it seemed that, somehow, a tiny seed of a conscience had sprouted in one of the dark cracks of his soul I was definitely intrigued, and couldn t wait to read the second book to see how that played out.True to form, Van struggles with his actions and feelings in this book In the beginning he still stalks, physically and sexually abuses, manipulates, and disrespects boundaries Given that is what he s known his whole life, and what he was rewarded for made to do as an adult, it makes sense I don t like it, but it makes sense.Enter Amber I thought it was pretty brilliant that the author wrote it so that, both of them profoundly damaged, they helped heal each other Van consciously tried to help Amber whereas her helping Van was subconscious a side effect, but it helped all the same It also worked because a healthy, well adjusted individual never would have made it with Van he simply would have been in prison His initial actions toward Amber are shocking, and as a reader I couldn t see how that was going to be forgiven And quite honestly I did think the initial turn of the tide of Amber s feelings toward Van was a little abrupt After what he did to her in their initial, ahem, encounter she softened toward him and willingly allowed to happen again way too fast for it to be believable to me.That said, clear character arcs are visible for Van, Amber, and even Liv with this book Arguably even Josh The suspense in this book isn t due to a tangible villain, but instead the villains are the damage mental illness of the two main characters Usually I want an actual villain in my books, but this worked for me I wasn t on board with what I consider to be the physical abuse of Amber at Van s hand, but to be fair that is a whole subculture that I don t understand, and find completely unappealing My being repelled by it doesn t necessarily make it wrong That said, if mutual consent isn t achieved I do have a big problem with that And while the first time Van hauls Amber outside and punishes her he doesn t seek consent first the author does write about Amber s subsequent feelings in response to it, and she is surprisingly okay with it Again, not my cuppa and I sure don t understand it, but hey to each their own.Outside of that component which I just chose to overlook when it happened I did enjoy the development of the trust between the main characters, and the gradual improvement in their disorders issues I also liked that Amber s back story included multiple attempts at traditional medicine because that would have otherwise been my immediate reaction she needs a doctor, not a sadist Since the author mentioned that Amber had tried that, unsuccessfully, it took that argument away It became of a situation where it was imperative that she do something about, and fast, as she was an agoraphobe with no family or friends who was about to lose her home To be dumped out onto the street in that condition with no support or hope would have been unfathomable She never would have recovered from that So it could be said that, as awful and initially misguided as Van s initial intents actions were, he saved Amber And she saved him back He was alone, and totally unable to build relationships see his relationship with Liv in book one where he can t figure out why she doesn t love him back.All in all, this is seriously dark read with triggers, but that s not all it is It doesn t read as a book that is shocking merely for the purpose of being shocking there is to it than that And so if you can overlook those darker components I do recommend this for an interesting read about Van and Amber s journey.TRIGGER WARNING non consent, what I consider to be physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental and emotional illnesses, domestic abuse.

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