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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Camping & Outdoor Survival Guide: 101 Tips, Tricks and Uses Sharpen Your Survival Skills And Learn Why You Should Keep A Swiss Army Knife With You At All Times, Whether You Are Exploring Wild Jungles, Tall Peaks Or City Streets As A Handy Everyday Carry For Life S Challenges, The Versatile Swiss Army Knife Can T Be Beaten Victorinox Official Swiss Army R Knife Survival Guide Shows How To Use Your Iconic Red Multi Tool To Handle 101 Different Emergency Situations From Starting A Fire And Making A Shelter To Catching A Fish, Building A Stove, Or Applying A Splint, Discover Why The SAK Is A Must Have For Every Survival Kit Author Bryan Lynch Includes Basic Advice On Knife Care, And Reviews The Many Models And Features Currently Available From Victorinox AG, Makers Of The Original Swiss Army Knife.

7 thoughts on “Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Camping & Outdoor Survival Guide: 101 Tips, Tricks and Uses

  1. Jose Manuel Ruiz Jose Manuel Ruiz says:

    Un libro obligado para cualquier coleccionista de Victorinox Buena letra, papel de calidad y un escritor que sabe transmitir el entusiasmo por las navajas suizas que tanto queremos.Solo para los que le is ingl s, claro Los dem s a esperar que lo editen en nuestro idioma.Tuve un problema de retraso con el env o y el vendedor demostr ser muy amable y sol cito Respondiendo inmediatamente a

  2. Minko G. Minko G. says:

    I recommend the book it s worth the money It has a very nice cover and is made of wonderful paper.There is also a brief history of the company Victorinox and pictures of some of the new models, but I like the fact that there are many pictures and practical advices.

  3. Zantigar Zantigar says:

    The items made using the Swiss Army Knife aren t all that interesting, and the various ways it can be used are pretty obvious and can be found in almost any other survival handbook all over the internet for that matter This book, which spends a great portion simply showing the different model Swiss Army Knives admittedly the coolest things out there seems merely a pretext to promote and advertise the

  4. JJ JJ says:

    its an ok book, nice print, color photos but the proof reader did not do a good job for example there are many photos that have each tool numbered and labled but does not match the description some descriptions have a number value assigned but no tool on the photo that matches that.some nice trips and tricks though, most already on the net but nice to have it in one place good guide to help one decide on wh

  5. xdalaw xdalaw says:

    Very good quality book I was surprised at the fact that it was almost square rather than rectangular, and that the cover was so durable for a paperback A good item to bring camping Wish it was a little bigger for my older eyes And, for similar reasons, wish it was available in Kindle so that I could carry it with me and adjust fonts as needed But, information and layout is very extensive and interesting for a SAK

  6. William E. Lawson William E. Lawson says:

    I know that many many people own Swiss Army knives, but this little book give you a lot of insight on how that little knife might be used in an emergency, i.e when it s the only tool you have to survive with The book has a few flaws in it s organization which puzzle me, but in general its a neat little book to read and carry with you in the field.

  7. Lewis Lewis says:

    This is a interesting book I do not have boy scouts as they are grown and gone but I would give them copy s of this book if they were still hear It is not all about the Swiss Army Knife but has a lot about other things Camping etc I would buy it again.

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