[Ebook] Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook: More Than 200 Spells Plus Over 100 Authentic New Orleans Formulas for Conjure Oils, Sachet Powders and Gris Gris Por Denise (Denise Alvarado) Alvarado – Andy-palmer.co.uk

Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook: More Than 200 Spells Plus Over 100 Authentic New Orleans Formulas for Conjure Oils, Sachet Powders and Gris Gris It was a gift and my mother apparently enjoyed this and the voodoo dolls immensely Voodoo Hoodoo Is The Unique Variety Of Creole Voodoo Found In New Orleans The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook Is A Rich Compendium Of Than Authentic Voodoo And Hoodoo Recipes, Rituals, And Spells For Love, Justice, Gambling Luck, Prosperity, Health, And SuccessCultural Psychologist And Root Worker Denise Alvarado, Who Grew Up In New Orleans, Draws From A Lifetime Of Recipes And Spells Learned From Family, Friends, And Local Practitioners She Traces The History Of The African Based Folk Magic Brought By Slaves To New Orleans, And Shows How It Evolved Over Time To Include Influences From Native American Spirituality, Catholicism, And Pentecostalism She Shares Her Research Into Folklore Collections And Th And Th Century Formularies Along With Her Own Magical ArtsThe Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook Includes Than Spells For Banishing, Binding, Fertility, Luck, Protection, Money, And Alvarado Introduces Readers To The Pantheon Of Voodoo Spirits, The Seven African Powers, And Other Important Loas, Prayers, Novenas, And Psalms, And Much, Much , Including Oils And Potions Attraction Love Oil, Dream Potion, Gambler S Luck Oil, Blessing Oil Hoodoo Powders And Gris Gris Algier S Fast Luck Powder, Controlling Powder, Money Drawing Powder Talismans And Candle Magic Curses And Hexes I don t know where to start I m very happy I brought this book it s full of information Denise Alvarado outdid herself What I like most about this book is that she went into alot of detail, I love everything about this book I have received it on yesterday I just can t put this book down Basically you have to have understanding and know how to comprehend When I was trying to decide if to purchase this book are not, I was reading these reviews and one said there isn t no such thing as VoodooHoodoo she never put these words together She explains Voodoo and Hoodoo by going into detail on each This is a wonderful book and it gives alot of information and will inspire you to make your own oils Me myself personally I love this book thank you Denise Alvarado for taking time out to write this book. I love this book, especially the conjure oil recipes The author went into a lot of detail throughout the book, but I especially enjoyed the oil recipes I did have to do a bit of research though on some of the ingredients, and in the process, I learned that some ingredients go by different names, though that wasn t stated outright in the recipes I got the kindle edition, and noticed a couple of typos I think but this is a solid book I love it. Most of recipes are incomplete Like the say valerian, pachouli etc but no explain if the oil the leves or the seed

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