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When It Happens At The Start Of Her Senior Year In High School, Sara Wants Two Things To Get Into A Top College And To Find True Love Tobey Also Wants Two Things For His Senior Year To Win Battle Of The Bands And To Make Sara Fall In Love With Him However, A Popular Jock Named Dave Moves In On Sara First But Tobey S Quirky Wit And Big Blue Eyes Are Hard For Sara To Ignore Plus, He Gets The Little Things That Matter To Her Can A Slacker Rock Star Wannabe Win The Heart Of A Pretty Class Brain Like Sara Hilariously And Movingly Told Through Tobey And Sara S Authentic Voices, Susane Colasanti S Debut Novel Sizzles In Its Portrayal Of Two Young People Searching For The One

10 thoughts on “When It Happens

  1. Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Maja (The Nocturnal Library) says:

    Adorable isn t a word I use often to describe books In Majaland, the word is not even a compliment in that context it s almost insulting, really, like calling a guy cute But there have been a few exceptions along the way, and When It Happens happens to be one of them It s just adorable Told from alternating POVs, this is a story about Sara and Tobey s senior year in high school The

  2. Steph (Reviewer X) Steph (Reviewer X) says:

    Warning It took about 30 50 pages for me to get sucked into the narrative So if you don t feel the effect super quickly, at least give it those initial 50 pages The book s a quick read anyhow God, I needed this A girl has much to grain from a pinch of romance amidst the midterm hustle I have no idea what worked here to make this novel as, I don t know, endearing Whatever it was, kudos to

  3. Aj the Ravenous Reader Aj the Ravenous Reader says:

    So where do I begin This is hard because I ve had an okay meh hate relationship with the book The plot is kind of clich ish Pretty, smart, shy Sara wishes to find a perfect boyfriend when the popular Dave finally asks her out because of course he s only after her for her goods On the periphery, an equally interesting and possibly the right guy in the person of Toby waits in semi patience But ev

  4. Isamlq Isamlq says:

    I was born too late I wish I wereconscious aware the decade when The Breakfast Club, St Elmo s Fire and Pretty in Pink were cool and hip Then my inexplicable crushes on Andrew McCarthy sa woon and John Cusack sa wooning some, wouldn t be so well, inexplicable But thanks to weekend reruns on ABC5, I have watched them over and over and over again much to my brother s confusion Why am I so into those mo

  5. Meredith Meredith says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This book lost me on several fronts First of all, I was hard pressed to understand how the sex obsessed liar Tobey was any better than the equally sex obsessed, but virginal, bully Dave Second of all, the pacing issues in this book e.g., Sara finding out that Tobey and Cynthia used to have casual sex meant a frequent glossing o

  6. Hailey Hailey says:

    When It Happens begins on an awkward note The author s use of so I go and then she was like instead of the tried and true he said , she said wasdistracting than anything else It jolted the reader out of the narrative long enough for them to think, Wow, the author s trying too hard, before sinking back in to the story.With little things like that, it took awhile for it to really feel that Colasanti got into the g

  7. Sara Sara says:

    THIS REVIEW WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS Literally one of the most awful books I have ever read, and this is coming from a girl who has read a lot of books, and always finds something to like about them no matter what.Unless you re thirteen or have a thirteen year old s ideology of love, I suggest you skip over this one.Sara wants Dave the hot guy and Dave wants to have sex with Sara, the hot smart girl Tobey likes Sara for

  8. Sana Sana says:

    The synopsis of When It Happens was interesting unfortunately, that s not what I cay say about the book It falls short and by a large margin as well I was really psyched to read Susane Colasanti after Something Like Fate Thus, I decided to read this out the three options I had Waiting For You and Take Me There.My feelings about the book could be summed up by a repetitive dialog in the book, You re so muchthan you re letting

  9. Jenn Jenn says:

    This was a cute story I ve had this book sitting on my shelf for years but after reading an emotionally heavy book, I needed something that was a little fluffy Contemporary YA romance tends to hit the spot Told in dual POV s, When It Happens follows both Sara and Tobey as they navigate senior year and new relationships Sara is now dating the popular Dave and she s loving all the attention that comes with it But she s also quickly

  10. Sarah Augustinsky Sarah Augustinsky says:

    I read this book on the recommendation of a very sentimental friend, and the novel turned out to be everything I expected predictable, overly forced, and out of perspective Within the first fifty pages, I had planned out the whole entire plot of the book After I finished, I was completely right about the whole thing Every part of the plot line was predictable It s quite a boring read when you already know what happens.This author, hone

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