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Winning Techniques for Coaching Defensive Players This Book Is Like No Other Defensive Technique Book It Undercuts Your Typical Defensive Technique By Going Into The Mind Of A Defensive Player By Tapping Into His Inner Mind And Brings Out An Inner Force That Every Defensive Player Has Inside Himself This Book Brings The Defensive Player To A New Found Desire To Play Football, And Brakes Down Each Technique Required By Each Position On The Field Into Sub Motions That Is Necessary To Play Each Of The Defensive Positions On The Field The Book Is Broken Down Into The Theory Of The Techniques Followed By Exercises And Drill To Implement These Theories So That The Techniques Become Second Nature To Each Defensive Playing Positions Studying The Techniques In This Book Makes It Possible To Correct A Defensive Play And Give The Coach A Defensive Play That Can Hold His Own On The Field This Manual Can Make The Difference Between A Winning Or Losing Season After All, A Team Is Only As Good As It Weakest Link This Handbook Will Help You Correct And Improve Each Of The Defensive Positions On The Field This Book Has Helped Me Turn My Seemingly Unskilled Players Into Winners Armed With This Book I Can Correct And Improve Any Of My Defensive Players Defensive Line Coach JP With This Book, I Was Able To Turn My Biggest Player From A Pussy Cat To A Tiger MR I Have Been Coaching For Over Years And Read Every Book Under The Sun On Football, But This Book Gave Me A New Perceptive On Coaching My Defensive Players VC I Had Difficulty Getting My Players Youth League To Tackle Correctly But By Using This Book I Was Able To Correct Them By Replacing My Old Ways With The Techniques In This Book Now They Are Making Most Of Their TacklesGF What I Liked About This Book Is The Hand To Hand Combat Techniques That Make It Easier For My Defensive To Penetrate The Backfield RA I Was Thrown Into The Position Of Backfield Coach Not Having Much Experience Of Coaching Period, But, Through The Techniques In This Book I Was Able To Train My Players To Become Very Competent To My Surprise Thanks, Ryan And Coach Mike DD I Have Coached For Many Years And Have Not Read Any Football Book Like This It Goes To The Core Of The Player S Mind And Releases A Player S Intention And Intensity To Play Football Using The Techniques Provided In This Book I Am Now Able To Turn My Laggard And Faint Hearted Into Football Players By Using The Techniques In This Book BB This Manual Has Taught Me That Most Players Lack Technique And Understanding Not Desire The Techniques In This Manual Taught Me To Evaluate And Correct Players And Not Get Angry And Yell At Them WE

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