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                        With My Body (English Edition)
            Praise For The Bride Stripped Bare Starkly Explicitrichly Descriptive With A Fast Paced Narrative Sunday TelegraphNikki Gemmel S Prose Has A Wonderful Sensuousnesswittya Subtle Portrait Of A Modern And Rather Alienating Marriage Lisa Appignanesi, Independent MagazineMust ReadA Tale Of Sexual Awakening For The Dark Horse In All Of Us Tatler The Sex Is Well WrittenGemmell Is Refreshingly Straightforward About The Act Melanie McGrath, Evening StandardEasy To Read, Hard To Put Down Keep An Extinguisher Handy CloserA Page Turner Evening StandardA Bored Housewife Embarks On A Life Of Sexual PleasureThe Sex Is Rude And Raunchy And Exactly Where You Want It EllePersonal Dilemmas Are Bravely Explored Thoughts And Fantasies About Sex And Infidelity, Which Most Women Have Learned To Keep To Themselves, Are Laid Bare On The Page In All Their Shocking Glorybrutal, Brilliant And Addictive Glasgow HeraldFor Fans Of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY The Author Of Sensational Bestseller THE BRIDE STRIPPED BARE Returns With A Powerful Tale Of Marriage And Desire.Smothered By Marriage And Family, A Woman Feels Life Slipping Through Her Fingers She Becomes Preoccupied With Thoughts Of Her Early Education In Love At The Hands Of Tol, A Man Like No Other She Has Known Memories Of The Affair Tols Appetite For Her Pleasure And Her Trusting Desire Consume Her But The Mysterious End To Their Intimacy Left Her Confused And Unwilling To Love Again With All Her Heart Discovering The Woman She Once Was Is An Erotic Journey Back Into The Past And An Exploration Of Reawakened Passion. I read Bride Stripped Bare back when it was published anonymously Everything Gemmel has since published under her own name after that one hit wonder has been utter garbage It is unvarnished utterly uninteresting porn, with no believable let alone likeable or relatable characters, populated by specimens who seem to be nothing but life support systems for their own genitals with which they remain endlessly fascinated, like retarded children.While Bride did, at least, explore the tensions in a marriage losing its shine, this is simply stoopid We are expected to believe that a 14 year old girl from the Australian bush i.e., inexperienced unworldly brazenly sought out a much older man to teach her how to stick fingers in her own butt Yup, Sexy Time Half the book describes, with unnecessary distasteful explicitness, this couple s utterly banal adventures, and the other half is our heroine s pining after this lech Having read Bride, I kept hoping that sometime, somewhere, someone will pop up with a 3 digit IQ, but alas, no The only slight satisfaction is late in the story, when Her Sliminess discovers that her dad followed her to this loser s house once back when she was 15 and kicked the crap out of him If anyone did this to my kid, I d kill them Slowly HUUUGE waste of time I will NEVER read anything by Gemmel again Still can t get the vile taste out of my mouth. I loved this book Reading through this book when she was a young impressionable girl to when she is a middle agedWife and mother all I could think of was what happened My mistake was reading this book in public because when I got my answer, I began to sob uncontrollably Beautifully written and developed with grace and tenderness. I feel like these works by Nikki Gemmell are astounding accounts of a woman who has lived, deeply, vastly and whole to the bone Transformational tales Beautiful, honest vivid and wild Thank you I am grateful for your work I am passing it on to other woman Gorgeous, sensual, feminine waking I bow

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