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Yes, Ma'am: Erotic Stories of Male Submission: Erotic Stories of Female Dominance Experience The Thrill Of Submission To The Woman Who Dominates You Day And Night In This Collection, Naughty Boys Get What S Coming To Them From Wicked Wives And Stern Mistresses From A Naked Party Plaything At The Mercy Of A Room Full Of Powerful Women To Being Tied Up And Shown How To Truly Please The Woman Of Your Dreams, These Men Get Fully Teased And Taunted, Receiving The Punishments They Truly Deserve And Crave Featuring Stories From Alison Tyler, Debra Hyde And Ellen Tevault, Yes, Ma Am Gives A Whole New Meaning To Mean Girls, One That Will Be Sure To Delight And Arouse You

5 thoughts on “Yes, Ma'am: Erotic Stories of Male Submission: Erotic Stories of Female Dominance

  1. E.P. Clark E.P. Clark says:

    A fun collection of stories from a perspective that gets all too little attention that of the submissive male Despite this being apparently a pretty common preference, you rarely encounter it in fiction and even rarely in a positive light Due to their brevity, these stories by necessity o

  2. Reviewer Reviewer says:

    All of the eighteen stories in this stellar anthology are worthwhile reads Rachel Kramer Bussel has put together a wonderfully varied blend of subgenre and genre works This anthology is worth owning.STAND OUT STORIES 1 Tea For Three Lee Ash Jonathan, a sub, makes an assertive request of his domme Je

  3. Max Max says:

    A mixed, but on the whole well worthwhile, bag of 18 stories offering delightfully assertive females and various methodologies to exert their wills It didn t feel extreme, but then I m not an extremist, and though a few of the tales were not quite up my street, most were very rewarding and imaginative, with t

  4. Gerald S. Bull Gerald S. Bull says:

    Great collection especially for somewhat shy men with women in charge fantasies Not a lot of beatings, burnings, piercings etc, which I m not into, just sexy sexy confident women in charge and the somewhat meek insecure men who love women and just want to worship them The formating is a little strange, but I think the

  5. Celi the dyslexic Celi the dyslexic says:

    I think its quite educational, I have always wanted to understand the allure of female domination and now I know its not for me i grew very uncomfortable at how ppl were treated but now i know.

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